One background note

Swapna is my 1991 pastime invention. I suffered from hairloss since 1965 due to heredity. I was totally bald by 1981. There was limited hair on the sides. The front and the vertex were near total bald areas. In 1990, a chemist refused to sell me a popular Indian hair gain product. That made me brood over haircare for over 9 months. I had interest and Time for the subject. More importantly, I had a nothing to bother bald head. I made the first batch of 100 ml in May 1991. After 4-5 weeks, I noticed some new stray Black hair at the front. The results were beyond my expectations. It seemed like a Dream come true product - Swapna


Users Reports

After 6 months use, based on the results on my head, I got the confidence that my approach is correct. I surmised that if Swapna can impact on a total hereditary bald head like mine, it would impact more on others, with lesser constraints. In 1992, Swapna was given to about 10 persons. In 1993, it was given to about 30 users and the number was increased in 1994. The response was positive.

I requested all the early users to handwrite a report mentioning their hair problem details, remedies tried earlier, Swapna's impact as noted by them after 4 - 6 weeks use and their overall single line comments. [Prior to my cataract operation in April 1993, I could not see clearly the impact on any head. Hence the need for handwritten reports. Abroad, Hair Research studies are done with 50 or less persons in many cases. So I stopped the form sometime in 1995]


Testimonials for Impact -

This page and the Users details on other pages mentioned below are from the handwritten reports of the users. It is one of the 3 pages, that contains users reviews.

  1. Hairloss control: This page provides the Users comments about the hairloss control feature. The users final one line comment about Swapna are in the last column in the tables below. The hair problem is mentioned in the column before that.Some parents also contacted us for hair problems of their children. Their reports are presented first in this page. The comments are proof for the safety of the product.
  2. Hereditary Hairloss: 9 Persons, who lost Hair due to Heredity, chanced to contact us during our 3 long years of actual users trials. The summarised results are in Hereditary Hairloss page
  3. Dandruff: For comments by users on dandruff control, refer Dandruff Remedy
Initials  Age Gender Report Date Problem at the time of reference The User's Comment
SBG 1  F 07-09-96 Poor Growth Growth normal by age 2 - child's mother
 KRM 3  F 17-01-95 Poor Growth "Excellent Hair Tonic for  Hair Growth"
- report by the child's father
 STD  F 16-05-93 Poor Growth Normalised in 4 months
 NK 11  F 1993 Psoriasis Dandruff reduced
 ARP 12  F 06-08-95 Poor Growth Stopped Hair loss &  Dandruff
 RLI 15  F 31-03-93 Dandruff Dandruff gone


'Unexpected Positive Result' - one line comment of the user in photo in Hairloss Control page


Table 2 - Casual care was the cause mentioned by the users in their reports

No.* User's Initials  Age Hand written  Report  date Hair problem/s User's one line summary
8 HCS 40 Feb 93 Thinning and graying Hair loss controlled
18 PS 27 10-04-93 Hair loss Controlled. Beneficial for all
19 RL 30 16-04-93 Hair loss Beneficial
21 SAP 25 20-04-93 Hair loss Swapna is good
30 RJS 48 18-09-93 Thinning Hair fall reduced
45 BBK 39 12-06-95 semi bald I like it
56 HP  .. 04-05-96 Hair loss "Very much pleased"
58 RS 43 12-06-96 Hair loss Hair loss controlled
60 SPS 42 April 95 Receding side Gained
64 KRS 47 21-10-96 Dandruff, hair loss Good for all

*Serial No in our records


Table 3 - loss due to other factor - as reported by users

Initials Age Final Report date Hair Status Assumed Cause User's one line summary
ST 39 15-03-95 Semi Bald Tension Hair loss controlled
GA 28 29-03-95 Dandruff & loss Work Load "Looking Younger"
ARS 39 02-04-96 Excess Loss Tension, spicy food "Dreamy result that I will  never forget"
ARG 45 21-10-96 Hair loss Workload, acidity "100% result" - Medical Representative
GBS 27 30-11-96 Balding Tension, pressure Oily food "It is really good and effective Hair Tonic"
VCK 56 16-05-93 Hair loss Asthma/ hereditary Fully satisfied



Table - 4

The Persons in Table 4 had referred their problems to Medical professionals. After some time, they left that as they did not notice any meaningful improvement. They tried Swapna. You can read their comments.

No.* User's Initials  Age Hand written  Report  date Hair problem/s User's one line summary
34 Dr. DGS 47 09-03-94 Nothing specific[Allopathic Doctor] Hair loss controlled - 3 weeks
14a RK  38 06-04-93 Hair loss Controls effectively
16 PP  52 08-04-93 Hair loss Hair loss controlled
17 GPP  36 09-04-93 want thick hair "Very Healthy"

*Serial No in our records


One Point from the above results

Swapna controls hairloss. Tables 1 to 4. The reported cause may vary amongst users. The major cause reported was 'casual care / no time to bother'. Who has to take the blame?


Common Advice given to all Users

All the Users were asked to reduce / avoid shampoos. Secondly, they were advised against sporting dry hair style. These 2 factors lead to spread of hair loss in almost all cases that I came across.