The products available for Technical Licensing are Swapna Hair Saver, Dandruff Cure and Non Sticky Hair Oil. Proposals are also welcome for Marketing arrangement - complete responsibility for marketing the product. An overview is given below


1. Swapna Hair Enricher

which has demonstrated ability to provide concurrently

Hair loss Control + Dandruff Remedy + Hair Growth

licensing arrangement: desired - substantial initial payment and a regular 'Royalty' charge

The product cannot be patented. The buyer has to safeguard the formulation as Coca Cola does

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2. Dandruff Cure

A simple hair grooming aid specially formulated to act as an anti dandruff cream.

licensing arrangement: desired - substantial initial payment and a regular 'Royalty' charge

Any Philanthropist can pay me and make the Technology, open and free, World wide. The Technology can be tweaked such that anyone can make it at home.

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3. Non Sticky Hair Oil

I am the inventor of Swapna Hair Enricher. In the course of my work with Swapna, I developed in 2001, the Technology to make a vegetable oil, non sticky. The technology has been tested on Coconut Oil, Till Oil, Castor Oil and Cottonseed Oils.

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1] would not change or affect the major Physical and Chemical properties of the Oil.

2] It would not affect the basic nutritional value of a vegetable oil

The Technology is simple and innovative.

Coconut oil is slightly sticky. If a non sticky Coconut Oil is made available in the market, the scope for such a product in the market should be good.

Cocolite is my brand name for the non sticky version of the Coconut Oil.



For testing / assessment needs, 12 to 24 bottles of the product have to be bought initially for testing and evaluation needs.



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