Swapna Hair Enricher contains a blend of edible vegetable oils / natural hair conditioners. It also contains emulsifying agent, a special aqueous extract, some minor but special ingredients and perfume.
The safety of the formulation has now been tested for 26 years. Over 80% of the contents of Swapna are edible / natural products.


Swapna is supplied as a lotion effective January 2018. Application presents a near non oily head.
Swapna is water washable. Ordinary water would suffice for hair cleaning. Reduce the quantity and usage of shampoo
The soothing impact and anti itch features have been enhanced.


Method of use
Please commence the use of Swapna after a shampoo wash. The about to fall hair gets out of the scalp. After this initial step, commence regular use

Swapna is a safe, daily use hair cream. Shake the bottle well before use

Apply Swapna after bath – on the head and the hair Apply to the extent needed [about 1 -3 ml] for easy and convenient combing – such that the hair is lubricated and do not get pulled while combing.

It is beneficial to use it twice a day for the first 15 days by all persons till excess Hairloss and or dandruff come under control. The second application at night can be light. This extra use can be discontinued after the first 2 / 3 weeks. In Indian Summer conditions, a second application may soothe the head.


Overall assessment

With every bottle use of Swapna, one should notice improving hairloss and dandruff control. Reduce the use of Shampoo / use a dilute or baby’s shampoo, only if required. With 4 bottles use of Swapna, the hair fall per day should come down to below 35. This is the test for hair saving capacity of Swapna.


Preserve the bottle in a shaded placer.
Use a bottle within 2 months of opening it.


Hair Fall test: Testing suitability

You should assess your hair fall for a week and thus have a near exact idea of the average hair fall per day. Remember this base figure. Counting daily for a week is tedious, but necessary for scientific assessment.

Wash the hair nicely before starting Swapna. Swapna should bring down this base figure by at least 30% within 3 weeks in nearly all cases. If say 30% hair is saved from falling, the product is suitable for you. That is a substantial saving. In many cases, it will be more.

This is the only simple, easy to verify, Scientific and convenient, suitability test. It is a meaningful functional assessment. If swapna does not pass this test, please stop it. [I suggest this test for all hair products. Not even 0.5% of public do this test. And they pay the price]

One Rough quick test: Apply Swapna at night on a day before planned head wash. Wash the hair next morning as usual. You may notice less hair on the bath room tiles – suggested by one American user in 1993.


Standard Disclaimer

All the statements made in the site about the product benefits are mainly based on Users written reports. The past results indicate the capacity of the product to provide a favourable beneficial impact. However there is no assurance or promise, implied or otherwise for a buyer

The scalp conditions, the level of activity of the roots, the damage already done at the root level with various hair related products and hair care practices are all basic factors relevant for swapna’s impact. Many are unknown variables and there is no easy way to assess the damage

So, the buyer should constantly assess the product and continue or discontinue the product. Individual results can vary a bit from one head to another.


DISCLAIMER: The Details provided on this site are not meant to provide health advice or relief as the way a qualified physician / Doctor can / may give after thorough inspection. Please consult your Doctor. Neither the contents nor our products are intended to treat or diagnose any condition.