Moisture means Water only. Moisturisng lotions generally contain about 40% oil. It is the oil that makes the skin, soft and supple. Water evaporates. This oil coat keeps the skin, soft, supple and non-sticky.


Water for the hair

Sebum glands join the hair strands at the mezanine floor / above hair roots. This location and the connection means that Sebum is necessary for the hair. Sweat glands are adjacent to every strand. That means that water is not that basic like oil, to the hair. Sweat aids the dispersion of sebum on the scalp / flushing out the sebum.


Moistursing Lotion

In a Moisturising lotion, Water and water soluble/ mixable additives can be about 60 to 70% and Oil phase / ingredients can be 30 -40%. They are emulsified / allowed to mix / disperse in one another with emulsifying agent / soap. In deglamourised simple terms, Moistursing lotion is oily water.

The relevant details are presented in a simple way with common words. It is hoped that they are sufficient for a basic understanding of the subject of this page. For complex, complicated presentations with Dermatology jargons and others, you have to refer elsewhere.


Economical and safe Moisturising lotion

Mix 2 parts of water with one part of oil. Take it in a bottle. Shake it well. It would not mix nicely. How does it matter? You can wash the bottle with your domestic detergent. [if a bit of toilet soap is added to the oil water mixture, the mix will be more uniform. But why take the risk?]


Water for Hair, Skin and Body

1. On the head, there are as many sweat glands as the hair strands. This natural provision meets the moisture need, if any, for the hair. Body releases the body heat through the head. Due to this also, a cooling arrangement on the head is necessary.

2. Water and Skin / body

There are 10 Trillion cells in the Human Body. [Million x Million if we go by American term - 1 followed by 12 zeros] DNA is the nucleus of a cell. The cells are the building blocks of the body. Water accounts for over 80% of the weight of the cells. That water reaches them through our daily intake of water through the mouth.
The dryness, moisture needs et cetera shouts that we hear on TV and the web, is basically ‘misuse of terms’. The skin lacks the oil and that is supplied through moisturizing lotions. [But unless the sellers mention a big word for that and glorify the virtues that only moisturizing lotions would provide, no one bothers. Not many will buy oil and use it in a way mentioned above.

Water is constantly lost by way of urine and sweat. That loss has to be regularly replenished. A Male need about 4 litres per day and a female need about 3 litres of water. In Tropical Climate like India / exposure to hot outside conditions, one may require a bit more, especially in Summer and a bit less in Winter. [It is not functional and proper to go by Western Standards set for cold Western Climates]


3. Water usage

In India, whenever the outside temperature is more than 37 degrees centigrade [more than the body's normal temperature], we have to sweat out a bit more to keep the body cool. We loose not only Water but some body salts as well. Some toxins are also flushed out through the skin / sweat.

The body releases its heat through the head - through sweat. When we get cured of fever, we sweat on the head first and then realise that the fever has gone. If the scalp is the outlet for heat to flow out, it can perhaps also act as the inlet for heat to flow in.


Jargon Sales

The term Moisture is over emphasised by Cosmetic Companies as if it is an extraordinarily different exotic item.

Combination of one atom of Hydrogen and Oxygen gives a Hydroxy ion. If you combine one more Hydrogen ion with a Hydroxy ion, you get plain simple Water. Simplified, Hydroxy Hydrogen is Water. In December 98, in some TV advertisements, I noticed needless overemphasis on the term 'Hydroxy' as a very special moisturiser for Hair cleaning!


Avoiding some misconceptions

Our skin does not improve with daily baths. Our skin does not improve and glow in a rainy season, when there is too much moisture in the air. Moisture on its own can do nothing much. Moisture with oil is what is needed.



In simple terms

  • Moisturising lotions - means oily water
  • Conditioner / Cold Creams - means watery oils

'Any fool can make a soap. It takes a genius to sell a soap' - one Marketing expert.
Moisturising lotions sell. That is the bottom line.