Hereditary Baldness, Male Pattern Alopecia / MPA and Androgenic Alopecia all mean one and the same thing. It is relevant only for Males and not females.


Who should be cautious about Hereditary Hairloss

  1. If your father, paternal grandfather was bald or balding when he was at your present age, the chances of your getting afflicted with hereditary baldness is very high.
  2. Mirror and Comb are routine indicators. Photos with a year’s gap in between is a definitive indicator
  3. Retreating forehead is also an advance indicator of the impending tragedy.
  4. Density / baldness check: Close the right side ear hole with the thumb. Stretch the middle finger fully and bring it straight down to the head at near 90 degree angle. That is vertex area. If it is less dense or has already got a bald spot, you can feel it. A person should seek guidance before the onset of baldness whether hereditary or not

Hereditary Baldness prone persons should seek proper medical advice preferably before the scalp becomes visible in Sunlight. The above mentioned FDA approved products can be functional only if the Baldness level is below 3. The same holds nearly true for Swapna as well
The most important point is what my Doctor advised me in September 1969

‘Get yourself mentally prepared to accept the inevitable. Do not waste money on Cosmetic scraps.’


How Can Swapna help a Hereditary Hairloss sufferer?

Swapna can control hair loss due to heredity, within 6 weeks.

See the Table below. Swapna was effective in all the 9 cases that came to me. It means that the available hair can be saved and further baldness can be avoided / delayed. Use Swapna for 6 months and then assess the benefits got.


Impact without parallel – Hair Growth and hairloss Control

January 1993 – Age 49
January 1993 – Age 49
January 1993 – Age 49
January 1993 – Age 49

Just check the height of the hair line above the ears in the 1995 photo. The Gain and improvement in Density between 1993 and 1995 will become clear

The impact would be more and timely, if a person uses Swapna when thinning starts / before getting a bald patch.

Medically, a very very difficult surface to try. I did not come across a similar case in my academic research of Dermatology books


Impact of Swapna : written reviews

9 hereditary baldness prone persons chanced to use Swapna between 1992 to 1995.

For inclusion in this list, Hereditary baldness meant Persons with Bald Father and all elder / younger siblings also staring at eventual baldness. Even if one of the elder siblings is / was not bald, as conveyed by the user, they have been omitted from the list, tabled below.

All got hairloss control benefit as you can note from the last column

In all cases, there are several years gap between onset of baldness and starting use of Swapna. Despite that, they all got the benefit.


S. No. Short Name Report Date hairloss started at
the age of
Age at the time
of reference
Years lost before
using Swapna
1 R.R [self] 04-01-92 24 49 25 3-4 weeks
2 KS 26-12-92 28 42 14 5 weeks
3 SCS 25-03-93 35 38 3 yes
4 PS 10-04-93 20 27 7 4 weeks
5 SM 05-07-93 22 28 6 yes
6 MBB 13-09-93 36 41 5 3 weeks
7 JSS 12-12-93 39 42 3 4-6 weeks
8 ABG 22-04-94 27 33 6 6 weeks
9 G.A 29-03-95 23 28 5 5 weeks


How a hereditary baldness prone person should use Swapna

Swapna is to be looked upon as a hair protector / saver for the currently available hair. It is a product to be used for life by a hereditary baldness prone person.

Continue / discontinue the product depending upon your assessment and needs. Impact of Swapna can differ from our recorded results. The medical constraints have been clearly stated at the outset

Refer to the Product Note page. There is no expressed or implied assurance to the buyer.


One Baldness story

If only I had a product like Swapna even in 1970, I would / may not have become bald.

See my above bald photos. Now also look at my 1966 photo

It is also true that but for a nothing to bother bald head in 1991, I would not have tested the formulation of Swapna and realised its impact within 8 weeks.

R.Ranganathan – Age 23 / 1966
R.Ranganathan – Age 23 / 1966

Inventor’s hairy background

Problem: I had hair loss since 1965. Had Dandruff from 1960. By 1969, the forehead had receded back by one inch / 3 cms. My family Doctor told me in 1969, that my eventual Baldness due to Heredity cannot be avoided as there is no medical cure.

I did try some personal care products hoping that they may delay the balding process / lessen the agony. I used Silverkrin for over 5 years – hair loss did not reduce. I used Clinic Plus for over 15 years. Dandruff did not go. Everything was a waste as predicted by my Doctor in 1969. By 1980 / age 36, I had become totally bald.

I got the relief only in 1991 with Swapna – the result was a dream for me.

The Birth of Swapna

It was the refusal of a Chemist in 1990 to sell me a hair gain product, that provoked me to mull over my past agonising balding experience. I had a nothing to loose bald head. I was a small entrepreneur making Printing Inks. [I hold a Master’s degree in Chemistry. Because of that background and interest to experiment, I became a Printing Ink Technologist as well, by 1980. Prior to Swapna, four of my formulations became popular and got me decent income]

I did have spare time in between production batches. I was also mentally keen in a ladies oriented business for my daughters to lean upon at a later date, if needed.

Over 11 years use of Cosmetic products taught me as to what all would not work. After 10 months of mental churn, I made Swapna in May 1991.

‘Early Bird catches the Worm’. But why did the worm die? Did it get up earlier than the Bird or had a late night out ?

This questioning approach finally led me to a clear cut direction and Swapna was conceived


Some Medical / Reality details

  1. Hereditary Baldness is a problem without solution since 5000 years. The position is no better in 2018. However, we have too many jargons and excuses to indulge in meaningless nothings.
  2. The 22 Major Medical Therapies do not have a cure, a partial remedy or delaying mechanism for hairloss due to heredity or even otherwiseIf that is the case even before baldness sets in, it means that there no Medical solution for Baldness. It is very difficult to regain a hair in a bald spot / area. Recovery means gaining back about 800 hair in a square inch of the bald area
  3. Minoxidil and Propecia are the 2 US FDA approved hair gain products. They can help to save the hair but would not lead to complete regain. Refer the company’s websites for more Minoxidil is basically a blood dilator. A side effect was the growth of hair in unwanted places. This drawback led to the topical application of Minoxidil on the scalp. Torrent Pharma, India tried to sell it as Multigain’. They withdrew the product by 1993.Propecia is a medicine for Prostrate Cancer. It blocks dht, dihydroxy testosterone. Sex hormone of males is testosterone. The production of Testosterone goes down after age 40. If that be so, with less dht on scalp, should there not be automatic recovery after 40? Why should Propecia work for only 50% of males. Do not the other 50% also make Testosterone? Propecia was approved by only 8 out of the 13 panelists in FDA approval committee.Two different, two different approaches, flaws in the theory, admitted ineffectiveness / effectiveness in some patches of the head only – you have to think and decide. Propecia came out in 1998. 20 years have passed. I am shocked that no one has questioned so far as to why the product can at best work for only 50% of the people. The dht theory contradicts decreased production of Testosterone and consequently DHT after, say age 50
  4. The Genome sequencing details are out since 2008 or so. America has latched on to one Gene. Japan in exploring another Gene. China and India will join the band. New Genes may get identified.


One point of interest

Roughly once in 4 years, there are reckless and unverified shouts about ‘baldness cures’. No one takes responsiblity for spreading baseless rumours