Hereditary Baldness, Male Pattern Alopecia / MPA and Androgenic Alopecia, all these terms mean the same thing. It is relevant only for Males. In Dermatology books, there is not much mention of the term ‘female pattern alopecia’. On the net, this term is freely used / misused for questionable reasons


Who can get affected with hereditary baldness?

If your father, paternal grandfather was bald or balding when he was at your present age, the chances of your getting afflicted with hereditary baldness is high. If in doubt because of the indiscriminate contents in many web sites, please refer to

1. Roxburgh's Common Skin Diseases
R. Marks & others; 16th Edn, 1993: Chapman & Hall Medical Publication

2. Text Book of Dermatology
Vol 3, IV Edn: Arthur Rook and others: Blackwell Scientific Publications


How Can Swapna help a Hereditary Hairloss sufferer?
Swapna can control hair loss due to heredity, within 6 weeks. It means that it is a hair retention product.


Proof 1: Swapna was effective in all the 9 cases that chanced to come to me during our product trials between 1992 to 1994. The results say that the available hair can be saved and further baldness can be avoided / delayed. See the Results below.


All got hairloss control benefit as you can note from the last column


S. No. Short Name Report Date Age when
hairloss started
Age at the time
of use of Swapna
Years lost Hairloss
1 R.R [self] 04-01-92 24 49 25 3-4 weeks
2 KS 26-12-92 28 42 14 5 weeks
3 SCS 25-03-93 35 38 3 yes
4 PS 10-04-93 20 27 7 4 weeks
5 SM 05-07-93 22 28 6 yes
6 MBB 13-09-93 36 41 5 3 weeks
7 JSS 12-12-93 39 42 3 4-6 weeks
8 ABG 22-04-94 27 33 6 6 weeks
9 G.A 29-03-95 23 28 5 5 weeks


It is also important to note that there are several years gap between onset of baldness patch and starting the use of Swapna.
[Excepting me, all the others were between 1to 4 in the baldness scale]


2. Photo Proof for hairloss control / hair gain

1993 Photo of Mr. RR: Hereditary baldness - totally bald since 1980
January 1993 – Age 49
1995 photo of RR - Notable gain despite 24 years of hairloss and total baldness
January 1993 – Age 49

Just check the height of the hair line above the ears in the 1995 photo. The Gain and improvement in Density between 1993 and 1995 will become clear.

Medically, it is a very difficult surface to try. It is my photos. I have not come across a similar case in my academic research of Dermatology books


Swapna and Hereditary hairloss prone persons

It is time to pause a bit and digest the following medical / related facts

1. There is no cure for total Hereditary Baldness anywhere in the World. This is the position since last 5000 years. It is valid as of July 2018

2. The 22 Major Medical Therapies including Dermatology do not have any cure or halting mechanism. Genome Sequencing details are out for over 8 years now. Nothing much has come out.

Nothing may come out in the next 50 years in my view. [I have been on the look out for a ‘stopping / reducing aid for hereditary hairloss since 1965.] There were flamboyant reports in 1965 about Hormone Therapy and in 1970 about UV Therapy. Several products have come out since then. Not even a few helped the public

3. There is no scientific way to assess the exact health condition in a hair root / follicle. Assuming that is known, still no one in the World knows fully well as to what should be the feed. Shocked? The proof is simple. If only that is known, hairloss would vanish from Earth within months.

These points should alert a sufferer to the Medical reality and not swayed by the trash that floats on the web or in some advertised claims. Preserving what is left is a meaningful basic step


How a hereditary baldness prone person should use Swapna?

Swapna is to be looked upon as a hair protector / saver for the currently available hair. It is a product to be used for life by a hereditary baldness prone person.

We do not believe in diet, Vitamin and Protein supplements, pollution, stress and such other popular excuses.
It is to be used when thinning starts and baldness has not set in. You are a bit late for Swapna if the bald patch at the vertex is over one inch in diameter.

Continue / discontinue the product depending upon your assessment and needs. The medical constraints have been clearly stated at the outset.

Refer to the Product Note page. There is no expressed or implied assurance to the buyer. Impact of Swapna can differ from our recorded results.


The Birth of Swapna

It was the refusal of a Chemist in 1990 to sell me a famous Indian hair gain product, that provoked me to mull over my past agonising balding experience. I had a nothing to loose bald head.

Over 12 years use of Cosmetic products taught me as to what all would not work. After 10 months of mental churn, I made Swapna in May 1991.

‘Early Bird catches the Worm’. But why did the worm die? Did it get up earlier than the Bird or had a late night out ?

This questioning approach finally led me to a clear cut direction and Swapna was conceived.
[I hold a Master’s degree in Chemistry as well. Prior to Swapna, four of my formulations became popular and got me decent income in my then main business.]