For some common major hair problems like Hairloss, Dandruff and greying, remedies available in Dermatology and many other Therapies are limited / nil. Due to this limitation,it is advisable to practice safe hair care.

Many get wrong notions based on some unproven details, say in the web, magazines, articles and TV advertisement claims. One should go by the Medical Science / Scientific reality / proofs and not get swayed by baseless claims. If something goes wrong, repair may be impossible.

As Therapies cannot offer solutions / provide products without proofs, Cosmetic companies sell many hair products with baseless claims to exploit the unmet demands of the suffering public.


1. Hereditary Hairloss

There is no cure in any Therapy since last 5000 years. It is a different matter that some claim of cure comes out routinely once in 5 years.

1b. Hairloss due to factors other than Heredity

This phenomenon did not find mention in Dermatology books that I referred. But on the street, if we check further, we get the feeling that hairloss due to factors other than heredity is on the rise. This view is supported by the data we collected from Swapna users till 1995 – refer ‘users review’

In my view, shampoos and dry hair style have led to increasing, incremental loss in the last 5 decades. Stopping these would mean safe haircare.

Many suffer from the delusion that shampoo holds the cure. It is sad. It is a suicidal delusion.


2. Dandruff

There is no universal or safe medical remedy. The vacuum is filled with semi functional shampoos.

By 2012, both P&G and Lever had conceded that nearly 60% of the public face Dandruff at some point of Time. Now, P&G says, that Dandruff could be due to Globosa fungus.

Dermatology has not researched much about the impact of dandruff on hair retention. Fungus also need some nutrients to survive. They steal it from the hair root. I hold the view that dandruff speeds up hair loss. Once hairloss starts, all hair abuse and misuse factors contribute to accelerate the loss.


3. Greying

There is no medical cure. The shouts are only about repainting / colouring. Dyes just perpetuates greying and with Time, worsens the problem.

Excess shampooing [detergent use] and dry hair / no oil-loose style hair maintenance are the major abuse factors for premature greying - based on my 26 years’ experience as a haircare scientist


4. Child birth

Many mothers shed a lot after delivery. Almost all recover from hairloss, on their own, within 4 to 6 months after delivery.

These are explained away as due to perhaps, some hormonal changes. There is no medical cure as such during this period. That is why I say elsewhere in the site to wait out rather than rush to a Cosmetic product. Such a step is risky as Dermatology does not volunteer a safe course if anything goes wrong. In many cases, they do.

In India, there were / are some traditional safety practices to follow during this period.


5. Hirsutism

"Hirsutism is the growth of Terminal / Normal hair amongst Females in part or all along the lines of the Male Sexual pattern. The factors analysed / discussed are Genetic Factors, psychiatric factors, Bio chemical aspects, Racial and idiopathic etc"

In Bio Chemical aspects, the Research by Ismail et al in 1973 is that "out of 35 Hirsutism subjects, no specific cause for Hirsutism has been discovered in 29 of the patients" - Vol. 3, 4th Edition, Text Book of Dermatology. No cause in 29 out of 35 - that is over 80%.

Medical Research has no answer. I did not find mention of any further research till 1998. Only the above Research finding was repeated in a few books.

Haldi / Turmeric, which Tamilian females / many other Indian females may be using, is a clue. It can discolour the hair and make it light yellowish / nearly colourless is a comment that I have heard. Ayurveda practitioners should do research and come up with an easy application form


6. Cosmetic hair delusions

Dermatology, the therapy that deals with skin and hair, has no easy solutions for hairloss, greying and so on, as earlier said. Given that, if Cosmetic hairIndustry overtakes Dermatology, just with noise and glitz but not backed by results, you have to take them with a pinch of salt.

People want thick, dandruff free, shiny hair for life irrespective of the way, they took / take care of the hair. Such unrealistic fantasies can only be catered by Cosmetic Companies, who are Dream Merchants.

Never go by the noise. Does any cosmetic / personal care company produce supportive proofs for hairloss control, breakage closure or strength improvement of hair?


7. Trichology

This is not a Hair Science at all as many practitioners proclaim. The media as well as many others misguide the public on this score without even bothering to know the meaning of this term.

Trichology depends upon Dermatology as the basic science / theory. So, it is a science only to that extent. That itself confines its capacity the boundaries of Dermatology. The practice of Trichology takes an artistic creative form like Cosmetology. The ends justify the means and not science.

Trichology is a convenient, commercial mixture of basic Dermatology terms / jargons and Cosmetic practices. That is my view - after analysing the comments and claims of Trichologists on the Net.

A 10th class passed person knowing English or a Sales counter person in a beauty saloon, can do a 4 months’ diploma course by post in Trichology. Would such a person know more than a Dermatologist who does a 4 to 5 years’ course in Medicine? Think about it.

I do not think Trichologists are professionally qualified to do the advertised Transplantation works. Trichology centres may be using Cosmetic / Dermatology surgeons to carry out the surgical work - hair transplantation.It is a pluck and replant operation. The pluckable area across the ears, is hardly 15% of the total scalp area and so, such transplants can never fill the head. Why even total hereditary baldies retain the hair across the ears for life is still an unresolved and unexplored mystery.

The post operation maintenance is for Dermatologists to attend. Does that not expose the weakness of the Trichology?


Medical limitation should put a restraint on abuse and misuse of hair. But they have not. That is the tragic reality.