Hair loss / fall Control benefit

Swapna controls Hairloss within 4 weeks in over 90% of normal cases. This point is categorically and vividly proved in this page, with one more set of photo proofs.


Before and After Use Photo Proofs for Hairloss / fall Control and Growth /Gain

Hairloss / fall has been controlled by Swapna is the first elementary inference from the photos. If it was not controlled first, there would not have been any gain. The 1996 Photo prove that there is Hair Growth and Gain – density improvement

Scalp visible, thinning head of Mr .NNS in mid1995
Left hand side – before Aug 95
Dec 1996 photo of Mr.NNS - Significant improvement in hair density. Scalp fairly covered
Left hand side – after Dec 96

The porous area in the 1995 photo has got covered with regained hair in the 1996 photo. If there was no regain / revival of some dormant roots, only the old hair would have lengthened and the scalp should still be visible.


Reconfirmation for hair loss control and gain – another proof

Now look at this person from the right hand side / Sunlight side. The points mentioned above are confirmed by these photos and the photos on the home page.

Scalp visible, thinning head of Mr.NNS in 1995 from left side
Right side - before Aug 95
Dec 1996 left side photo of Mr.NNS - significantly improved hair density. Scalp fairly covered.
Right Side -after Dec 96

Points proved with Photos

1. The photos clearly prove that hairloss has been effectively controlled.
2. Some dormant roots have got activated and led to new hair. The photos show that clearly
3. The density improvement, which in this case means gain of new hair as well as growth of existing old hair, is a significant achievement.


Users’ testimonials

Hairloss control as well as the safety features of Swapna was tested for 3 long years. It won the approval of over 80 persons in our gradually expanded users’ trials and in blind tests. Then only, an Ayurvedic License was taken in April 1994.

Some cooperated with us and submitted their handwritten reports. The final one line comments of the users are presented in the Users Reviews page, with brief details about the users.


Hair fall

Swapna should bring down the rate of hair fall per day within 3-4 weeks. The average hair fall per day should go down below 45 within 4 months / with 4 bottles use or less.



Swapna may be available to a limited few in Ahmedabad.


Points to Ponder by a hairloss sufferer

You can study the following contents and take care of the hair


Medical Facts for haircare

Dermatology as well as most other medical Therapies do not have a simple aid or stop gap arrangement for hairloss control, even if the loss is not due to heredity. Such being the brutal reality, it is unwarranted to assume that Cosmetic products like shampoo, serums, conditioners and so on, are the right elixirs for the safety and longevity of the hair.


Spread of Hairloss

Hairloss has increased across the World in the last 5 decades. There are endless thousand Cosmetic products purporting to resolve some problem or the other. Yet hairloss has not decreased. This cannot be attributed to Heredity totally. It means that the reckless use of Cosmetic products has spread hairloss across the world – ineffective products and fancy excuses perpetuating ignorance / carelessness in the public, clouding it with a false sense of security.


Casual approach – start of the downward journey

1.Ignorance about basic hair care, compounded with casual care leads to multitude of problems in hair care. When we analysed the 40 plus handwritten reports of Users, I came across one startling fact in 1993. It has worsened further in 2018

Seventeen persons accepted ‘causal care / carelessness’ as the major cause for their hairloss. [It was in a way random trial at that time] Against that, only nine ascribed ‘heredity’ as the cause for their hairloss. Got that?

2. Hair loss control with proofs

This is a very good key phrase / search query to use by a hair loss sufferer to locate a reliable or effective product and know more, prior to purchase.

I do not think that not even 10 used such search queries in Google or Bing in the last 20 months. I have tested that.

For this key phrase, Swapna enjoys the top ten position in Google and Bingfrom Jan 2017 onwards. And the site has not elicited significant queries on that count.

3. Reckless casualness

Shampoo starves the hair of its basic nutrients. Dry loose hair styling fries the hair and skin. Many people abuse the hair further. Abuse of the hair via chemicals in shampoos, perms, colouring, bleaching or heat via rollers, driers or physical with styling rollers, fancy brushes and so on.

The worst is that they expect the hair, a dead piece, to withstand all these damaging exercises and be ready to face the torture on the following day.

It is just not on. The price has to be paid. The mad rush to self-inflict the wounds is sickening


The supplements - misguidance

Diet, Vitamins, Proteins, Pollution, Stress, Smoking and such other often heard causes are not relevant factors for excess hairloss / hairfall in normal cases. That is what Dermatology books say. That is what our results since 1991 also confirmed.

Any ritual in the name of these factors is pointless. But then, they too help the sufferer to shift the blame to some external factors than own up one’s errors.

Have you ever seen a person who lost hair due to pollution and got recovered with the wonder Pollution control shampoo? The 160 Billion Dollars Beauty Industry cannot survive unless the people get duped!


Concluding comments

There are tons and tons of misrepresented and misleading Trash dumped on the public every day from all sorts of sources. A hair loss sufferer does not seek the counsel of family physician or Dermatologist for proper guidance in the initial days. He ignores the fact that there are bald, semi bald and balding Doctors practicing different Therapies in the society. He overlooks the message.

He knows that he does not know the cause or the cure. Yet with unwanted arrogance and or complacency, he assumes ‘expertise’ and ‘buys’ an attractive, perfumed bottle without even properly assessing the product.

Such practices continue unabated. So hairloss is a good business for Centuries.