Swapna controls Hairloss, even if it is due to heredity. Over 95% of the normal users got this benefit, as per our long, ethical trials between 1992 to 94. The impact should become self evident to the user within 4 weeks.

This page presents the proofs for hairloss control as well as hair gain benefits of Swapna. Please refer to the home page also for one more set of comparative photos.

Swapna Hair Enricher is a rare invention that proudly presents clear, convincing proofs.


Before and After Use Photos for Hairloss Control and Hair Gain

Scalp visible, thinning head of Mr .NNS in mid1995
Left hand side – before Aug 95

Check the 1995 photo first. The scalp is visible. The density is going down / becoming shallow. It is evident that this person is facing gradual Hairloss. Some hair patches look a bit lumpy and uneven.

Now look at the 1996 Photo below.

Dec 1996 photo of Mr.NNS - Significant improvement in hair density. Scalp fairly covered
Left hand side – after Dec 96

The hair looks elegant and neatly combed / styled. The scalp is not visible. The photo proves that hairloss has been controlled. The density improvement is striking.

If there is only growth, the old hair would have lengthened and the scalp would still be visible. That is not the case here.

The Density has increased. That is, many new hair have come in between the old hair/s. It means that some old dormant roots got activated and new hairs have sprouted from such roots. This feature of Swapna has led to density improvement. Compare the photos again and satisfy yourself.

These comparative photo sets categorically prove beyond doubt, that Swapna is a Hair Enriching Invention providing hairloss control and hair gain benefits.

Hairloss Control and Gain - Confirmed

Now look at this person from the right hand side / Sunlight side. The points mentioned above are once again confirmed by these photos.

Scalp visible, thinning head of Mr.NNS in 1995 from left side
Right side - before Aug 95
Dec 1996 left side photo of Mr.NNS - significantly improved hair density. Scalp fairly covered.
Top View- before Aug 95
Right Side -after Dec 96
Right Side -after Dec 96

The photos were taken outside his office / partly shaded area by an amateur photographer. The end photo on the right is the person's scalp photo taken from about 2 feet above his head. The pre use status is clear from this photo. The lingering doubts if any, goes out of the window.


Documentary Proof

The above results are further supported by testimonials as well, handwritten by the early users, after minimum 6 weeks use of Swapna. The details are in the Testimonials page

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For personal haircare problems, refer to us through Consultation only


Test for the product

Please refer to the Product note page for a scientific test for hairloss / hair fall assessment. Alternately, if you do not get Hairloss control within 4 weeks as per hair fall noticed with a comb, Swapna is not the right product for you.


One comment

Diet, Balanced Diet, vitamins, proteins, pollution, water, smoking and several other over blared excuses have no link to hairloss. Many are manufactured lies. Swapna does not offer these pompous and popular excuses.
I am a smoker since July 1965. I am a total a hereditary baldy since 1980. I got the 2 new black hair at the forefront bald area, directly over the nose, in November 2017. I am now in my 76th year.


Haircare - some points to know

1. As per the Hindu Epic, Mahabharat, Draupadi swore by her hair and kept that vow after 13 long years. She dared to swear by the hair. It said two things to me in 1990, while I was critically examining my approach to a hair saver. If we assume that the poet does not write in a vacuum, it means that the ancient Indians knew a bit more about hair care than the present day Indians. They knew the ways to protect the hair with some natural products in a scientific way. Most importantly, they did not misuse and abuse a body part, hair, as is the counter-productive imitative fashion today.


2. A crucial Medical Fact

Dermatology and many other major Therapies do not have a simple remedy or stop gap support to reduce hair loss even if the loss is not due to heredity. You can check that out.

Doctors practising different Therapies live in our midst in the Society. Some are bald. That conveys a silent warning powerfully. Unfortunately many ignore that.


3. An overlooked Market fact

Given the above medical reality, it is naive and unproductive to assume that Cosmetology has an edge over Dermatology or other therapies. It would be a waste of money and Time. That is what my Doctor told me in 1969. I learnt that in a hard practical way also by 1980. [I invented Swapna only in 1991 and by that time, I was a fully matured 10 years old, total baldy]

Spread of Hairloss

There are endless thousand Cosmetic products with mind boggling claims. Yet hairloss has not decreased in the World. It has only worsened in the last 5 decades. It indicates the ineffectiveness of many cosmetic products.


4. Some Haircare alert notes are kept in the site.

These are meant for hairloss sufferers who fall prey to cosmetic gimmicks.

Oily Skin, moderately oily, sickeningly oily, dry, delicately dry, stone dry, medium, enticingly dry and such other classifications for skin and hair are undefined / loose Cosmetic terms. Dermatology does not go for such classifications. There lies a trap. Reflect and chart a hair saving journey.

I strongly hold the view that the increasing hairloss today is due to excessive abuse and misuse of the hair.