Hairloss/fall control benefit of Swapna is proved in this page with one more set of photo proofs. For Documentary proofs, refer Users reviews page. Male Pattern Alopecia prone persons should refer to Hereditary Hairloss page also.


Hair loss / fall Control benefit

Swapna can control Hairloss within 4 weeks in over 90% of normal cases.

Before and After use Photo Proofs for Hairloss / hair fall Control and Gain/ Growth

The Photos below prove that there is Hair Gain / Density improvement. Hairloss / fall has been controlled first by Swapna is the first elementary inference from the photos

Scalp visible, thinning head of Mr .NNS in mid1995
Left hand side – before Aug 95
Dec 1996 photo of Mr.NNS - Significant improvement in hair density. Scalp fairly covered
Left hand side – after Dec 96

The scalp is partly visible in the 1995 photo. The porous area has got covered in the 1996 photo with regained hair. If there was no regain, only the old hair would have lengthened and the scalp should still be visible.


Before and After use photos

Now look at this person from the right hand side / Sunlight side.

Scalp visible, thinning head of Mr.NNS in 1995 from left side
Right side - before Aug 95
Dec 1996 left side photo of Mr.NNS - significantly improved hair density. Scalp fairly covered.
Right Side -after Dec 96

Written Proofs for hairloss control

We also have hand written testimonials from many early users of Swapna. They all got hairloss control benefit with Swapna. Refer Users Reviews.

Usage method and other details: Product Note: Purchase of Swapna: Supply page


Hair fall number

Ideally, the daily Hair fall number should at least be one less than the gain. If I were to put a number, I would say, below 40. For more, refer to the page ‘Hair Fall Per Day

Swapna should bring down the rate of hair fall per day within 3-4 weeks. The average hair fall per day should go down below 40 within 4 months / with 4 bottles use or less.


How Swapna ranks in the Web for hairloss control ?

Swapna enjoyed top slots in Google and Bing for the key phrase 'hair loss control with proofs', between Jan 12, 2017 to Dec 11, 2017 from over Hundred Thousand results The ranking continued as of April 19, 2018.


Some Haircare points

  • Swapna is a good lubricant for the hair. It prevents clubbing of hair due to static electricity. Split ends and Frizz are reduced / avoided
  • Not advisable to sport dry hair style / no oil hair in tropical climates
  • Reduce the use of Shampoos after starting Swapna. It is an overlooked, hair damager.

Diet, Vitamins, Proteins, Pollution, Stress, Smoking and such other often heard causes are not relevant factors for excess hairloss / hairfall in normal cases. That is what Dermatology books say. That is what our results since 1991 also confirmed.

I checked in 1992 and in 1993 as to whether Vegetarians, with limited protein intake, face hairloss more, than non vegetarians. There was no trace of any relation with protein / Vegetarian diet and hair loss. I gave up collecting this data by end 1993.