A Break through Invention proved with Hair Enriched photos of Hair Gain

Swapna has the power to promote hair gain as well as growth. This is a gradually accruing benefit after hairloss and dandruff control are achieved. Hence Swapna has to be used for a year or more. Then, all the 3 major benefits of Swapna can impact concurrently. Swapna becomes a hair saver plus


Comparative Photo Proofs – 1 a and b – Hair Gain / Growth and hair loss control

May 1993 - 65 years
May 1993 - 65 years
April 1995 - 67 years
April 1995 - 67 years
July 1995 – back view

Hair Gain and Growth proved once again

This photo is a rear view image of the Lady in the ‘home’ page. You can note the Leucodermia patches on the neck. So, the identity of the lady is beyond doubt.

The  NEW HAIR  she got with Swapna, are on the left side in this photo. The lengthened old hair is on the right side. The hair was roughly separated into 2 parts by her and the photographer.

The lengthened old hair extends below the back rest of the foldable chair. The lady sports 2 different hair lengths!  [Traditional Orthodox Hindu women of many sects do not normally cut the hair in their married life.]

She has gained New Hair as well as growth – the above photo prove that clearly

Comparative Photo Proof 2 a and b for Hair Gain and Growth

Age around 40: For descriptive details and CPP 2c and d, refer Hair loss Control page

Left hand side – before Aug 95
Left hand side – before Aug 95
Left hand side – after Dec 96
Left hand side – after Dec 96

Comparative Photo Proof 3 a and b for Hair Gain and Growth – Hereditary Bald head

January 1993 – Age 49
January 1993 – Age 49

Just check the height of the hair line above the ears. The Gain and improvement in Density between the 1993 and 1995 photos will become crystal clear.

Please keep these points in mind while assessing this photo – Scientifically / medically, these are very significant photos

  1. There is no Medical cure for Hereditary Baldness till 30th April 2018 in any major Therapy. Yet Swapna has produced a near miraculous result. It is almost impossible to see such comparative photo proofs in any British Dermatology books
  2. Minoxidil 2% and Propecia [of 1998] are the only 2 US FDA approved products. Till date, no news has come from any part of the World that these medicines have cured baldness on any heredity affected head
  3. To the best of my recollection, Propecia / E. Merck presented 4 sets of data to FDI, US to prove the efficacy of the product. One of that was ‘Photo Proofs’ – magnified perhaps with Electron Microscope. Both these Companies, operating world wide, do not seem to offer normal photo proofs in their websites to prove hair gain or growth.


Pause and Contrast

I have shown the impact of Swapna on a total Hereditary Bald head. The photo is not an enlarged one but a compressed version of the actual size.

The impact is 25 years after hair loss started in 1965. The impact is 10 years after the vertex area / scalp became totally bald due to Heredity. No company in India or abroad, to the best of my knowledge, reported such achievements in the last 50 years.

For other descriptive details, refer Hereditary Hairloss page


About the photos

The first set of photos demonstrates the impact of Swapna on a Senior Citizen. The second set shows the impact on a thinning head but baldness has not set in – age around 40. The third set is on a very difficult terrain, a hereditary bald person at age 48.

No other hair product in the World, other than Swapna, is backed by 3 sets of Comparative Photo Proofs for hair growth / gain. Search the web and you would know

All the photos in this site are by amateur photographers except the 1993, Jan 1995 and 1967 photos of the inventor. The photos were taken in the open area, without precise, pre defined parameters for Camera, angle, Sunlight intensity, film used and so on.


Our suggestion for the use of Swapna

Use 2 bottles of Swapna. Hairloss and dandruff control should be achieved. If yes, continue the usage.

The available Hair is getting saved. You have assessed it. Take a photo. 2 -4 more bottles may be needed to undo the damage inflicted over the years to the scalp and hair. The mirror should reflect the improvement in density. The comb may help to count the hair fall per day. Continue usage, if these gadgets give the green signal.

Continue the use for a year or two. Take a photo and compare the present status with the old one.


Some growth related points

  1. Normal hair growth is half an inch / 1 centimeter per month
  2. No one in the World knows authoritatively as to what are all the nutrients at the root of the hair. [we routinely wash them out with shampoos]
  3. There is no scientific way to assess the exact health condition of the roots.
  4. Hair is perhaps the only part of the Human body that has limited to nil medical remedy
  5. Nowadays many people loose hair due to poor / casual / unscientific haircare. The damage inflicted on the head / hair roots over the years is an unknown factor. There is no tool to assess that properly / scientifically. It is judgmental at present.