Ideally, the daily Hair fall per day should at least be one less than the gain. If I were to put a number, I would say, below 40



The correct way to assess the Hair fall is to actually count the number of daily hair fall for a week and then arrive at the average figure per day.


Hair Loss:

If the fall is more and the density is reducing, it is Hair Loss. The comb and the Mirror are the easily available measuring aids / advance indicators. If one suspects hairloss, it is prudent to review the recent haircare practices and then refer to a Doctor. Perhaps over 95% of people blindly rush to Cosmetic / unproven products and fall badly.

Please always judge the hair fall number with density depletion if any. If Shampoo increases the hair fall, just stop it. You are using it to clean the hair and not remove it



Therapy does not provide a clear cut or scientifically established number in the Books. The books also do not say anything about hair shedding or hair gaining cycles becoming active once in 3 months or 6 months. The Anagen, Catogen and Talogen phases are simultaneously active throughout the year. Some amount of hair, independent of another, would be in one phase or another.


Prevalent Danger / Misguidance on the net

Some experts / portals recklessly say on the web that the hair fall up to 100 per day is normal. It is not clear as to from where anyone got this figure and or the basis for this number


A dangerous high number - 250 hair fall per day

Some say that even loss of 250 hair, after shampooing is normal. It is an absurd assertion. People use Shampoos to clean the hair. Some believe in the illusory advertised benefits.

Certainly not for loosing 150 hair strands more for shampooing. Is Shampoo a hair cleaner or hair remover?

[The write ups that I have come across in the last 10 years neither say a word about the risk of hairloss with shampooing nor offer any explanation for this exorbitant loss.]

250 hairs per day means over 80,000 hair strands loss in a year - nearly 80% of the hair on Scalp gone. And to say, even this much loss is normal, is absurd

There is another basic weakness with such figures on the net. No one mentions anything about the normal gain of hair in a day. As the gain is unknown, it is a meaningless and reckless to quantify the loss, even if it be 50, as normal.

Please do not take such figures as functional and become careless with haircare. Making a judgemental call on loss without knowing about 'gain', the other side, is unbalanced and can be misleading


Commonsense Analysis:

1. Why 100? Why not 1000 if we can get that much back while having breakfast on the next day?

2. Most Indian women have / like to keep Chest length hair. You can see that on the streets. When measured from the forehead, the hair length would be over 24 inches - closer to 30 inches. Normal hair growth is 6 inches per year. So the 30 inches long hair means that normal hair life is 5 years. [Western people keep about shoulder length hair and go for routine hair cuts - if you go by the pictures in magazines etc. They assume that the hair life is 3 years. As the base is wrong, the numbers go awry]


Points to grasp for clarity

Hair loss and gain happen routinely. They do not follow American, English or Indian calendar dates. If 5 years life is accepted, 20% of the hair will get lost and they would get replaced. Got that?

That is, 20000 hair per year or about 55 per day.

The hair fall per day, should preferably be below 40, if hair life is taken as 7 years for a normal person.