Product: Swapna Hair Enricher is a safe, convenient, proven, hair saver plus for men and womenabove age 3 to 80

It has demonstrated ability to control hairloss within 4 weeks even if the basic cause is heredity. That is its intrinsic power.Being a 1991 invention, it is a time tested product now. It also simultaneously arrests dandruff within4 weeks.

After an user gets these benefits and the earlier damages are reasonably undone, Swapna aids the growth and gain of hair. This is a very gradual process. To get this benefit, one has to use Swapna for a year or more. This feature has immense value to many who face the problem of thinning heads.

Swapna has a soothing and itch free impact on the heads. All these above features make it a quality product to retain the hair density.

Now the Technology is available for licensing.


Rare, Unmatched product

Hairloss control: The hairloss control and hair gain / growth are proved with before and after use photos of 3 different persons.

Safety: Swapna was tested for 3 long years, between 1992 to 1994. The users confirmed to us in their handwritten reports the hairloss control ability and safety of the product. The summarized results of these trials are presented in tabular form in the ‘Users review’ of the website.[The oral reports are not included in the review]

Dandruff Remedy: The benefits are proved in the page ‘Dandruff Remedy’ with the user’s comments – within India as well as from other Continents

Please refer to our website, to get the total picture. The website is the detailed product catalogue for Swapna


Continuing Plus Factors

  1. I have been looking for a proven hairloss control product like Swapna, since 1965. I have not come across any in the market till date.
  2. I did not come across any product with features like Swapna in my 6 years’ study of Dermatology books.
  3. For the key phrase ‘hair loss control with photo proofs’, Swapna / my site gets the top ten rankingin Google and Bing search results.
  4. There is no product in the web with features like Swapna, with proofs, in the last 18 years.

You can check these out easily.

Market / Sales Potential

The sales potential for a proven product that can save the hair is immense.

Hairloss is only on the rise across the World.



I am interested in Licensing the formulation of Swapna Hair Enricher for world-wide marketing. I am nearly 75 now. I am not interested in country specific licensing arrangements or an agreement fees below 9 figures in Indian currency
I also wish Royalty which would go to charity of my choice. [minimum 60% of the License agreement fees would also go to charity] The agreement would not cover my ‘dandruff cure’ and ‘non-sticky oil technologies / formulations]



Those interested may contact me

LC Research,

Prop: R. Ranganathan [M.Sc., MBA-IIMA]

No 8, Prarthana Flats, Off. S. P. Nagar Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009, India.

Landline Number: 079-26404204 [preferred timings: 10 to 12 AM; 3 to 8 PM]

E mail id: hairsaverplus… [please remove all the dots before @ to get the right e mail id]



I do not, as a matter of principle, send any free sample. Minimum 12 bottles of Swapna have to be bought for initial appraisal.