Spread of hairloss

Many therapies, including Dermatology, have no cure or ‘stoppage aid’ even if hair loss is not due to heredity. This emphasizes the need to practise safe hair care

Hairloss due to Heredity is unavoidable and there is no any meaningful cure. Let us grant that. Is the incremental, increasing hairloss across the World is due to heredity? The answer is a categorical No.

Beauty Industry clocks over 600 Billion Dollar sales. Hair products constitute about 30% of that sales. The spread of Cosmetic products has increased in the last 5 decades across the World. That is the reality.

Did it resolve or aggravate incremental hairloss?


Why a book on Haircare?

What then is the cause or major reason? I would say that the spread of Cosmetic products and their reckless use by the Public leads to the incremental hairloss across the World.

Only a book can attempt to provide all the basic details. It is for the reader to benefit from the contents of a book.

The public do want the hair to last till the last breath. So they have to know some basic Dermatology details about the hair as well as other functional details from other traditional practices and other Sciences.


My credentials for writing a haircare book

Do my views have any meaningful value to a hair loss sufferer?

I am the inventor of Swapna Hair Enricher.I have checked the validity of my views with Swapna users since 1992. They have stood the test of Time.


The book on Haircare

To help safeguard the hair with one’s own efforts, the book provides the following major details.

  1. Dermatology: The book provides the basic Dermatology details about the hair. If they become the foundation, caring the hair is a simple, common sense exercise.
  2. As Therapies do not lend a helping hand to a hairloss sufferer even if the loss is not due to heredity, people in desperation or ignorance, look / pray for a magical solution elsewhere.

    The Personal care / Cosmetic companies flaunt their armory of enticing products and make the gullible public believe that the ‘mirage’ is real. The public gets caught in the whirlpool and donates reasonable sum for some fancy rituals.

    This book presents this other side at length.

  3. This book also looks at the unspoken side of Shampoos, conditioners, non- functional supplements, Sunlight, SPF creams, relevance of oil to the skin and so on, with considerable, incisive analysis. That all should provide a proper balance.

This book is written in plain English, without jargons and over hyped terms



There is no good basic level / simple hair care book in India, as per my checks till 1998.

I have the ISBN number as the author for one version of the book. The Copyright will remain with me / family. Publication rights can be given

Meaningful, mutually beneficial proposals, are welcome.



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