Who am I for this section?

1. I am the inventor of Swapna Hair Enricher. The main section of this site vividly demonstrates the uniqueness and the power of the product.

2. I have studied about hair referring to several Dermatology Books between 1992 to 1998. So my views are influenced / modified by these references also. I have academic education to Master’s level in Organic Chemistry and Business Administration.

3. Many people have benefitted with Swapna. It is a confirmation for the positive benefits of my views on hair care.

To sum up, I have the credentials to talk about hair care. If that is enough, read on.


Why Alerts?

1. Hairloss and dandruff have only worsened across the World in the last 5 decades. Surveys and records prove these.

2. Two International companies conceded by 2012 that roughly 60% of the population suffer or face dandruff at some point of time in their lives. These figures have not awakened the public. That is the actual reality for you

3. I consider that excess shampooing and dry hair style to be major causes for increasing hair problems. Not many have the money power to shout over the Cosmetic claims. So if you do not care, nobody else need to.

If hair fall problem starts, many naively assume that the problem can be resolved leisurely by buying a shampoo. A cleaner cannot be the cure. For such assumptions, one does pay the price. It impedes proper hair care.


Unproductive modern looking / fashionable rituals

Blindly aping the West is an invitation for disaster. Unfortunately, many indulge in that, with increasing affluence and casualness. Labels alone do not mean better haircare.

This joke read in a pre 1960 issue of now defunct ‘Pageant’ presents the position better.

An American and a Chink [words used at that time] happened to be in front of adjacent graves. The American sang some hymns / read something from the Bible on his mother’s grave. He could not help noticing the Oriental Chink murmuring something and spreading some cooked rice in the adjacent grave.

The American placed the rose on his mother’s grave, crossed himself and waited to ‘advice the ritualistic Chink’. The antics of the Chink also finally ended. The self-certified sophisticated and modern American, explained to the Chink that the dead cannot eat the rice and that he is ignorant to perform such a meaningless ritual in public.

The Orient bowed, paid his respects to the American and appreciated his wisdom. The efforts taken by him to educate a Chink was duly appreciated. Then, bowing again, he meekly delivered his shocker punch.

“If your mother can come down to smell the flowers, why not my poor father eat a few cooked rice grains”

The modernity and the sophistication of a ritual does not add any real value. Both rituals have no relevance or value to the departed.


The worsening Tragedy

Hair is a trifle. Mankind has been trying to resolve hereditary baldness, without success, since 5000 years. Now the tragedy is, non-hereditary baldness has also gone up considerably.

Instead of searching for a scientific and socially meaningful explanation, efforts are on ‘mind soothing, ego boosting, concocted excuses’ to fleece the purse and leave the heads, hair less and perfumed. The next anecdote puts this better.


Fishing for excuses

Stress, Tension, Diet, Pollution, water, Vitamins and such others are manufactured excuses. They divert attention and prevents proper care. The following anecdote explains this position better.

'Mussolini once visited a Church. The Church bell did not ring in his honour. While leaving the Church, Mussolini demanded an explanation from the Cardinal for the disrespect shown to him. The Cardinal said that there are 22 reasons why the Church bell did not ring. The first reason is that there is no bell in the Church

Mussolini did not bother to hear the ‘other 21 reasons’.

With haircare, many waste their Time to hear the '21 other non-functional factors’.


Last Resort

Dr. Johnson’s famous quote is ‘Politics is the last resort for Scoundrels’.

To me, there is a Catch in this assessment which many overlook. The crucial word is ‘last’. Not all scoundrels are equally endowed. So, some cannot reach the last resort. They have to be satisfied with positions in other professions. Some may take Law and some may shine in Advertising and Marketing. We are living in a modern, democratic society. Let us accept these and tread carefully



The bald doctors in the society, practising different Therapies, convey a poignant and powerful message

Save Today to comb Tomorrow


Some hair care notes

Because I do not go with the crowd, I could invent Swapna. You may or may not agree with my views. That is your decision. My hair care notes are linked from this page only


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