Contents: Hair Loss after Delivery and Female Pattern Alopecia


Female Pattern Alopecia - There is no meaningful proof

There is no Scientific evidence linking Heredity to the term 'pattern alopecia'

There is no Historical support or evidences around

Female Alopecia is not real or visible on the Streets. I spent 6 years going through several British Dermatological Books between 1992 to 1998. I also used to refer Nature, Exocet and British Medical Journal occasionally. I never across this term in the books and journals referred

Like so many other claims which are popularised by Cosmetic Industry and Trichologists, I think 'female pattern alopecia' is a mischievous and scary misuse of the terms for material benefits

[In Mathematics, a definitive science, 100 x 100 is always 10,000 and not about 10.000. Medicine is an inferential science. This medicine has worked for 90 person, so it may work for the remaining 10 as well but not definitive. That is, the above statements is my view on 'Female Pattern Alopecia". It may hold true in stray cases


What is Heredity / Hereditary Traits

Females have only 'x' Chromosomes. The male can give either ' x ' or the ' y ' chromosomes. 23 chromosomes come from each. The combination 'X' of the mother and 'Y' from the father means 'XY', a male child.

Combination of 'x' from the female with the 'x' chromosomes from the male, leads to XX / a female child. [general information: Gender of the child is influenced by the male / father, as you can note from the above]

The combination of the chromosomes is responsible for birth and the hereditary traits. So, female alopecia should mean that the baldness is hereditary.


Female Alopecia - proved wrong by facts around

If we accept for a minute that female alopecia as a 'scientific / medical phenomena, then there should be nearly as many bald females as hereditary bald males on Earth.

As this is not the reality around, female alopecia is not relevant at all to the majority. Historical facts of last 5000 years does not support any link between X chromosomes and 'female pattern alopecia'

So, someone used this phrase, 'female pattern alopecia' casually and it has been copied by others. Or a cheap duper deliberately misused the terms to trap some females and loot more money. Others follow the same dirty trail to scare and fleece the worried individuals.

One Note

If a female is facing very excessive hair loss / thinning density / visible scalp, it just could just be due to chemicals in perming, dyes, conditioners, hot rolls and such other fancy products / misuse and abuse of hair. Please refer to your family Doctor

In all my 74 years, I have come across only one bald female in 1977.


Web Trash

There are innumerable experts on the web, sacrificing their Time, to show off their expertise and educate the less endowed ones. Refer Hairy Tales section for my views

There are a few write ups, where Male Pattern Alopecia is linked to 'X' Chromosones. The basis or the proofs are never disclosed. On further search, I came across 2 Gene research reports. They both concede that male pattern alopecia is too complex to explain with the 'Genes' under study.

So be wary of the trash. It may hardly cost anything to put out a trash on the web.


Hair Loss after delivery is normal

During pregnancy, the hair fall for a woman goes down. The reason for this hair fall reduction is not deeply researched. It has been explained away that due to the biological changes in the body and or consequent hormonal changes, this is normal, as per Dermatology books

After the child's birth, hair fall increases. It is excessive for 4 to 6 months after the delivery. Why? It is unknown. Normally, they all gain back on their own. This is the important point to know. So, it is an unwanted panic reaction to search / use any advertised remedy

The reason for this loss is not scientifically or satisfactorily explained in any of the Dermatology book that I referred. So it is not right to jump to Cosmetic product blindly during this stage

The cause for this loss had been deduced by ancient Indian Therapies. It is a minor matter that this point has not been elaborated with tabulated results, surveys and social media posts. The stored up body heat gets released gradually. That may explain the loss and the stoppage.


Caution / Alert

Dermatology does not explain well this loss. So to attempt any Cosmetic product / gimmick during this period is risky and unsafe.


Safe Remedy

1. Please use whatever you were using during / before pregnancy, if hairloss occurs post pregnancy. This is a safe step because you have used it earlier and found it safe and suitable.

2. As an alternate, use only a natural product like Coconut Oil.

3. Refer to a good and reliable dermatologist if the problem persists after 4-6 months.

[I believe this. Around 1995-96, two persons known to me wanted Swapna for post delivery hair loss problems. I asked them to refer to me after 4-5 months if there is no automatic gradual improvement even after 4 months. The ladies gained on their own.]

As I say in 'hair fall per day' in hairy tales section, it is easy to loose. It is tough and in many cases, impossible to gain



Note: There is a TV advertisement by Hindustan Unilever claiming that Indulekha oil is 'specially suited for post delivery hair loss problems'. If they are providing proof in the product leaflet, it is a different matter

I am very skeptical about such claims due to the above facts - and also because of some past lies / baseless claims of this seller.

[Amaze, Fair & Lovely, Pepsodent etc are examples for baseless claims by Hindustan Lever. [ Indulekha has been bought by Hindustan Unilever from the earlier owners in 2015/16. I do not know whether the earlier owners used to make such claims]