Dandruff Cure, the product, is aimed solely at removal / control of Dandruff. It is an oil based formulation – can be converted into a lotion or cream as well. It is a safe, simple formulation that can provide soothing, anti-itch impact on the head. It is different from my inventive Swapna.

I do continue to research with Swapna Hair Enricher routinely. Dandruff Cure is an accidental 2001 formulation in the course of my research.


Product history

Swapna Hair Enricher provides 3 benefits including dandruff control. So, in a way, ‘dandruff cure’ is technically below Swapna. Hence, I was never interested in the retail sales of ‘dandruff cure’. I only tested it out with a few persons around 2002.


Dandruff Market

Dandruff continues to be a wide spread problem across the World. Lever, P&G and some researchers in Dermatology conceded by 2015 that over 60% of the total population in the World,face Dandruff at some time or the other in their lives.

Dandruff has only spread further across the World as the above fact establishes. It also implies that Anti dandruff shampoos have not been that effective.

So, a product like ‘dandruff cure’ does have good sales potential for a couple of decades more



I am interested in Licensing the formulation of Dandruff Cure. I am nearly 75 now. I am not interested in country specific licensing arrangements.

I also wish Royalty, which would go to charity of my choice. [minimum 60% of the License Agreement fees would also go to charity]

For any Philanthropist who wishes to make the formulation / technology open to the Public, there would not be any royalty. A reasonable lump sum figure, in 8 figures or more, is welcome.



Those interested may contact me

Phone Number: 079-26404204 [preferred timings: 10 to 12 AM; 3 to 8 PM]

E mail id: hairsaverplus …… [please remove all the dots before @ to get the right e mail id. The dots are a minor safeguard against spam mails]



I do not, as a matter of principle, provide any free sample. Minimum 12 bottles of ‘Dandruff Cure’ have to be bought for initial appraisal. The price would be about Rs 150 per bottle.