My background

I am the inventor of Swapna Hair Enricher. I have 25 plus years experience as a haircare scientist.

Many have referred their personal hair problems to me and sought my views / suggestions.

I do not believe in Microscopic analysis of scalp or such other tests. No one knows the exact nutrients at the root of the hair. There is no protocol to assess / repair the damage in Dermatology.

So, I only try to collect the relevant details that I deem necessary, analyse them and then give my views based on my experience. The sufferer has to provide all the required details. That is my procedure.


Why to refer?

Increasing number of persons loose their hair due to abuse and misuse of hair. In fact, this is the major cause with over 90% of the cases where heredity is not the underlying factor

There also seems to be a baseless notion that hair problems are minor matters and can be resolved at a later date. Hair has defied Mankind for over 5000 years now.


Consultation Charges

Hair consultation charge is Rs 200 / within India and is 10 Dollars for those outside of India. The fee has to be paid in advance

Charges for second time / repeat reference is extra


Payment mode

e mail id: Note: remove all dots before@: Please e mail only after making the payment. Reply would also be sent by e mail only



State Bank of India, Navrangpura Branch, Ahmedabad 380009, India:
Account No 10268117602 Branch code 03096 IFS code SBIN0003096


Details required / Q form

Please use the form below as a model to provide all the relevant details. It is important to mention all the remedies / products that you may have tried, the results noted and the current products that you use for routine care. Please use British English / normal English to provide the details.

Some people, sometimes leave out some past details. Hence this Q form so that the details that I need, are available. A photo of the scalp, as presented in the site, may be helpful, if available.


The Questionnaire form [adjust the spacing and the format suitably for your needs]

1. Name and Address ...............................................Gender
.........................................................................present Age

The identity, address and other personal details are intended only for our records and will be kept confidential.
[Please do not repeat again the answer given in one section in another section]


2. Hairloss:
When did it start? Approximate hairfall per day ....................Your age at that time............

What did you do at that time ? First product
[Remedies tried: in a chronological order / the sequence in which they were tried / first one first]


a] second product tried
Any significant point: damage / negative effect if any


b] Third / last product tried and the duration and results
provide details as in the last section / earlier product used


3. Your presumed causes for the present problem

[Do not repeat the answers given to earlier questions]


4. Hereditary Baldness: [provide details only if this factor has relevance ] The age at which your father / paternal grandfather faced hairloss / looming baldness
If you have brothers, their hair condition in short


5. Do you have Dandruff? Remedies tried


6. Do you use Shampoos ? Frequency of use in a week
Do you use Oil / Conditioner / hair cream? If not, when did you stop?

6b Do you suffer from routine itching in the scalp?


7. Do you use dryer, hair straightener, hair serums or such other hair damaging methods
[Please discontinue them if you wish to benefit from Swapna.]


Section 7
Anything else that you wish to convey or any hair related query that would like to be answered. [Do not repeat the answers given to earlier questions]

Name / Signature

Disclaimer: Please also note that I am not a medical practitioner and my views have to be taken accordingly. Please also refer to your physician for professional help and or second opinion.