I have the Technology to make a vegetable oil, like Coconut or Castor oil, non-sticky. The technology is basically focused to remove the stickiness of the oils.

It has been tested with Castor, Coconut, Sesame and Cottonseed oils. It would not affect the chemical or edible properties of the oils.


What are the Benefits?

a. In several applications of vegetable oils, stickiness is a disconcerting feature. For example, people who would like to use Coconut Oil on the hair, avoid the use because it is sticky. This technology can help to overcome that mental block and the discomfiture

b. The technology would not affect the basic nutritional value or safety of a vegetable oil.

c. The Technology is simple and is economical.

d. Non sticky Coconut oil has a good market across the World as a hair oil.

e. Castor oil too has use as a hair oil. It has several Industrial applications. Non stickiness may have relevance in some.


What is Cocolite?

Cocolite is my brand name for the non-sticky version of the Coconut Oil.

Coconut Oil is a safe and proven Hair Grooming aid in many parts of India for Centuries. It is very safe natural product. So it can be promoted across the World with this added advantage. It provides adequate Sun Protection-very relevant in Tropical Countries like India. It has a nice smell and is fairly economical

Many of the branded non sticky hair oils in India contain a liberal percentage of Cosmetic grade, Light Liquid Paraffin Oil / LLP. This oil, a hydrocarbon, cannot provide any benefit to the hair. Compared to such formulations, Cocolite is a better option. People may prefer it for safety and beneficial impact on hair.


Conversion Cost

The conversion cost of making a vegetable oil non sticky, is very nominal. The conversion process is simple.


Technology Transfer

For a Philanthropist, who wishes to make the Technology open to the public, the price expected is minimum Eight figures in Indian currency.

For a commercial buyer, for world-wide marketing, the minimum expected price is higher than the above sum. There would be minimum 3% Royalty charges which would directly go to a charitable cause.



For testing / assessment needs, minimum 12 x 100 ml bottles of the product have to be bought. It is a made to order item. Hence the dispatch time could be 3 weeks. Free samples are not provided as a matter of policy



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