Swapna is a hair loss control invention.

It controls hairloss within 4 weeks in over 95% cases. Thisbenefit is proved with before and after use photos and documented evidences.It also controls dandruff simultaneously.

Swapna also takesthe additional job of activating some dormant hair roots, after the above 2 benefits are effectively delivered. It means hair growth / gain / improvement in density for many.

It is a rare Indian product with demonstrated power to deliver these 3major benefits.

The Categorical Proofs

The hair fall control and gain / growthbenefits are categorically proved below, with one set of before and after use photos.

We present 2 more photo sets in other pages. If you look for a hairloss control product with photo proofs, this site enjoys a top 10 position in Google search results

Comparative Photo Proof for hairloss control and hair gain

1993 Photo: The density is extremely poor at the mid front. The parting area has widened. At the back, the density is shallow and there are many small protruding hairs.

The Leukoderma mark at the hair parting is a very distinct identification mark for this photo proof / lady. Look for that mark in the 1995 photo. The impact of Swapna would become clear.

[She started using Swapna around May 1992. The short, new, protruding hair at the back are all due to Swapna]
Mrs. P - Scalp visible, mid front in 1993 - Leucodermia mark at the parting
May 1993 - 65 years

1995 Photo: The dramatic density improvement means 2 things – hairloss control and gain of new hair. When hairloss gets controlled, the available, original hair is saved and grows further. Density cannot improve with continued hairloss. Secondly, Swapna has the right ingredient to activate some dormant roots. That leads to new hair. Look at the very short new hairs at the back in the 1993 photo. They have since thengrown and got combed down.

The Leukoderma mark at the parting is nearly covered now. This result proves beyond doubt the above stated 2 points for density improvement.

Mrs P-1995-dramatic hair density improvement at mid front: Leucodermia mark masked by new hair
April 1995 - 67 years

Spectacular, Hair gained photo proof

July 1995 – back view

Photo of the lady in earlier photos from the back side: The new hair got with Swapna, short on length, are on the left side of this July 95 photo. The lengthenedold hairis on the right hand side and extends below the back rest of the foldable chair. The photo is self-explanatory.

The lady sports 2 different hair lengths. [Traditional Hindu, orthodox women normally do not cut their hair in their married life.]

She was a vegetarian – limited protein intake. She was not a shampoo user. No special supplement was suggested to her or to any other user.Refer Users’ reviews page.

How many on Earth would dare to present the hair gain photo of a 67 years’ old lady?

For more details on Hairloss control and Hair Gain, use the links below.
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Dandruff Remedy / control

Swapna has demonstrated ability to control dandruff within 30 days.This benefit is proved with users Testimonials in Dandruff Remedy page.


How to use Swapna?

Swapna was tested for 3 long years and then only, an Ayurvedic license was taken in April 1994. It is safe and suitable for both males and females above age 6. It has in-built anti itch and SPF features. Refer Product note page for more.

Swapna is a daily use hair lotion. It is to be applied, after bath, on nearly dry hair. It should stay on the head for 24 hours like a hair oil. It is water washable. So shampoo usage can and should be reduced.


Realise one Medical and also a Market fact

Dermatology and many other major Therapies do not have a simple remedy or stop gap support to reduce hair loss even if it is not due to heredity. You can check that out.

Such being the reality, it is naïve and meaningless to assume that Cosmetology has an edge over Dermatology. It would be a waste of money and Time. That is what my Doctor told me in 1969. I learnt that in a hard practical way also by 1980.



Some haircare alerts / notes are kept in the site.

Diet, Balanced Diet, vitamins, proteins, pollution, water, smoking and several other over blared excuses have no link to hairloss. Many are manufactured lies.

For personal haircare problems, refer to us through Consultation only


Save Today to Comb Tomorrow


Technical Licensing

The technology of Swapna, dandruff cure and non-sticky oil are available for Technical Licensing. Refer the link, Technical Licensing, for an outline.

Note: All the photos in this site are by amateur photographers except the 1993, Jan 1995 and 1967 photos of the inventor. The photos were taken in the open area, without precise, pre-defined parameters for Camera, angle, Sunlight intensity, film used and so on.