Swapna Hair Enricher gives 3 major benefits to the hair

1] Controls Hairloss / Hair fall within 4 weeks.
2] Promotes growth / gain gradually.
3] Provides relief from Dandruff

These are proved in this site with categorical photo proofs and users handwritten testimonials. Swapna is a 1991 invention. Naturally, it is a time tested, safe product now. It has in built anti itch and SPF features.


Hairloss control

Before and After Photo Proofs for hairloss / fall control and hair gain / growth

Swapna’s ability to provide hair fall control and gain / growth is demonstrated in this site with 3 sets of photo proofs. We have one more in reserve. Not many in the World present even one set of photo proofs to show the impact of hairloss control.

Comparative Photo Proof for hairloss control and hair gain

1993 Photo: The density is very poor at the mid front. At the back, the density is shallow and there are many small protruding hairs. The Leucodermia mark at the hair parting is a distinct identification mark for the lady / for this photo proof. Locate it in the 1995 photo and the value of the product should become clear.

Mrs. P - Scalp visible, mid front in 1993 - Leucodermia mark at the parting
May 1993 - 65 years

1995 Photo: There is dramatic density improvement compared to 1993 photo. Hairloss got controlled first is a simple inference. The newly gained hair and improved density now nearly covers the Leucodermia mark at the parting. The short hairs at the back in the 1993 photo have now grown. See how nicely they have got combed down in the 1995 photo.

Mrs P-1995-dramatic hair density improvement at mid front: Leucodermia mark masked by new hair
April 1995 - 67 years

Swapna impacts irrespective of diet, vitamins, proteins, pollution, water, smoking and several other loud mouthed causes. Dermatology has not proved that any of these factors is relevant for excess hair loss in normal cases.


Major benefit 2 – Hair Gain and Growth

One more photo of the lady above, to demonstrate Gain and Growth

July 1995 – back view

The lady's hair is roughly separated into 2 parts by her / photographer. The new hair got with Swapna, are on the left side of the July 95 photo. The old hair is on the right side.

The old hair have lengthened further - refer the right side of this photo. The hair length extends below the back rest of the foldable chair. The lady sports 2 different hair lengths. [Traditional Hindu / Orthodox women normally do not cut the hair in their married life.]

It is a bit unusual to use a Senior Citizen as the model. I have done that with ease and conviction for a hair product.

Hair Gain / Growth page presents 3 before and after use photo proofs for hair gain / growth. The photos are of 3 different individuals with differing backgrounds.

Such before and after use photo proofs are not in Dermatology books that were referred till 1998. Such authentic photo proofs are rare / nil in the website of many popular hair products.

Hairloss control and Hair Gain related pages: Hair Loss Control, Users Review, Hair Gain and Hereditary Hairloss pages


Major benefit 3 – Dandruff Remedy

Swapna has proven ability to control dandruff within 30 days.

Swapna means simplified haircare to a sufferer as Swapna provides simultaneous hairloss and dandruff control.

For some users comments from outside of India / other parts of India, refer Dandruff Remedy



Swapna contains a blend of natural vegetable oils, special aqueous extracts, emulsifier, perfume and some minor additives. Nearly 90% of the contents are edible items.


The Use of Swapna

Swapna is safe and suitable for both males and females above age 6 - as per our 3 long years of trials. Refer Users reviews page.

It is a daily use hair lotion. It is to be applied, after bath, on nearly dry hair. It should stay on the head for 24 hours like a hair oil. It is water washable. So shampoo usage and its side effects can be reduced.



The supply is now confined to Ahmedabad. Refer Supply page for more details.


Technical Licensing

This site is the detailed product manual for Swapna Hair Enricher. Not many hair products have matched Swapna in all its features in the last 25 years. You can check that out.

The technology of Swapna is available for Technical Licensing.

Technology for a simple dandruff cure, different from Swapna, and the technology for making Non Sticky Oil / Hair Oil are also available for total Technology transfer.



Those who suffer hairloss / excess hair fall may please refer the page, hair fall per day.

For personal haircare problems, refer to us through Consultation only

Save Today to Comb Tomorrow


Note: All the photos in this site are by amateur photographers except the 1993, Jan 1995 and 1967 photos of the inventor. The photos were taken in the open area, without precise, pre defined parameters for Camera, angle, Sunlight intensity, film used and so on.